The Blessed Gecko 

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For as long as I can remember the subject of science, most specifically, biology and genetics has intrigued me. My wife and I each hold degrees in this field. She previously worked as a student-professor for years in a molecular biology PhD program and has published papers on the subject of Arabidopsis genetics and reproduction. My daughter has certainly carried on this interest in biology.


Our passion for geckos and top quality genetics is something that my daughter and I share. We have extensive knowledge for these reptiles through anecdotal experience along with years of research and hours of discussion with experienced keepers. We are so thankful for several incredible individuals in this hobby that have helped us along the way and provided such valuable information and support. Without these mentors and friends in the hobby we would not have the level of knowledge we enjoy today. At The Blessed Gecko we consider our geckos family pets first.

We provide top quality care, have raised almost all of our collection from hatchlings and have a great understanding of each gecko’s disposition. I refer to my daughter as the gecko whisperer and have personally watched her work with the geckos with an incredible love for many years.


Here at The Blessed Gecko over the last 5 years we have acquired incredible Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius), African Fat-Tailed geckos (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) and Crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus) from some of the top genetics available. This required great patience but has allowed us to work with and keep some amazing geckos with powerful genetic lineage. In the past we have maintained all animals within our own collection as ‘holdbacks’ as we have taken time to observe genetic pairings, dispositions, sizes, coloration, patterning, etc. Starting in 2019 we will be releasing several high quality geckos.

The Blessed Gecko is a strong supporter of the Strength In Leos Podcast so follow them on social                                 media and check out what they have available for sale!

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