Suburban Geckos 


Suburban Geckos is operated by Chris Charlton. Chris's passion and enjoyment for herpetoculture and more specifically, Leopard geckos, drove the desire to take his hobby to the next level. With experience in breeding and raising reptiles well over 20 years, Chris is dedicated to producing quality animals for both the hobbyist and breeder alike. Suburban Geckos treat each animal with the utmost care and respect, and cut no corners when it comes to the health and integrity of their geckos. What started off as just a couple of aquariums, has grown into quite the collection in just a few years, and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Their dedication to our animals is unparalleled and can be evidenced in the health and quality of the animals they produce. Exemplary customer service is another
area where they excel. They’re readily available to answer any questions you may have regarding their animals, husbandry, etc.  


Suburban Geckos is a strong supporter of the Strength In Leos Podcast so follow them on social                                 media and check out what they have available for sale!

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