Grove Geckos


Grove Geckos is a family-owned and oriented, medium scale leopard gecko business. We are hobbyists with a goal of producing healthy, visually stunning and refined genetics for our geckos.


Lance Musgrove is the owner/operator and has been involved with reptiles and breeding animals all his life. What started off as a pastime has now become an absolute passion for the enhancement of the species and reptile community.


Grove Geckos concentrates on Tremper Albinos with specifics in Sunglows and Raptors. They also have Tangerine lines, emerines, snows, Bolds and Bold Stripes, as well as varying White and Yellow combos. Melanistic lines have recently been brought in the last 2 years and will start releasing more of those in the near future.

They can be found online at or on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. They also can be found at reptile shows and expos. Give them a follow and reach out to Lance at any time.

Grove Geckos is a strong supporter of the Strength In Leos Podcast so follow them on social media and check out what they have available for sale!

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